December 2018

December 2018—Just in time for the holiday, The Adept Group’s new website launched live this month. Founded by Paul O’Connor, The Adept Group created the concepts behind “product line strategy” back in the 1990s and has been evangelizing the concept to leading companies all over the world ever since.

The new site carries this mission forward with a suite of original content, including downloadable white papers and blogs. Each article explain the importance of executing well not just on individual new product launches, but planning for the life cycle of an entire product line in increasingly competitive markets. The site includes a wealth of features to help companies learn more, including descriptions and sign-up forms for upcoming Workshops, Summits and Events. A search engine optimization strategy (SEO) program was also included to help the company stand out from competitors in this important market.

Besides designing and building Adept’s new site, Radar also created a new company logo for Adept and designed the cover and select inside artwork for Paul O’Connor’s new book, “The Profound Impact of Product Line Strategy.”  In addition, we created new templates for the workshops and summits reflecting The Adept Group’s new brand identity.