January, 2014

January 2014—Our first new site of the year launched yesterday, and it’s for a new client in the competitive intelligence space. McNulty & Associates, based in Groton, MA offers an interesting “Price to Win” service where it predicts for clients what the likely price will be for winning a government contract. It’s a lucrative field, to be sure, with all the government defense work coming out of Washington.

We deal with high tech clients everyday, but McNulty & Associates introduced us to some new terms outside of our normal circles. One of these is “black hat” services (yes we had fun illustrating the term with a black stetson hat). Turns out black hat in this context means being able to provide clients with an independent view of the competition. Without having a black hat on your side, you risk analyzing a multi-million (or even billion) dollar project based solely on your own peoples’ point of view — a dangerous situation with so much at stake.