July 2018

July 2018—The pace of work typically slows down a bit during the vacation months, but not this summer. In July we launched an all-new site for Nlyte Software, a workload infrastructure solution company headquartered in San Mateo, Calif. and London. Nlyte is the leading provider of DCIM (data center infrastructure management) tools that help big companies track and manage large data centers more efficiently.  Unique features include interactive vertical market icons and market descriptors on the homepage; easy to scan and “phone friendly” product pages, like this one for Nlyte Energy Optimizer; and seamless integration with Uberflip for easy reader access to Nlyte’s extensive Resources library of marketing collateral, news and blog posts.

We also had our hands full this month redesigning and launching a new website for ourselves at www.radarmedia.com.  Our new Radar Media Group home showcases dozens of examples of recent work in the Portfolio section, and provides updated descriptions of all web and marketing services we provide. Be sure to check out the Testimonials page for what clients have to say about our work!