June, 2012

June 2012—Long-time Radar client Covaris Inc.’s website went live this month. Covaris is a biotech equipment and supplies company with a unique set of products that utiilize ultrasound to mix compounds in a completely non-invasive way. This leads to greater sample quality and ultimately scientific results. The company has been growing very fast for the last few years and we kept the old site growing right along side it, making many changes over time. But the core design really needed a reset and we got the chance to do that earlier this year, creating an all-new look and moving the site to a modern content management system in the process.

The new site is clean, easy to navigate and chock full of product content. To prevent readers from being overwhelmed, we implemented a new design using tabs on the inside product pages. The tabs let visitors drill deeper when they want the detail, but still keep the landing pages for each product clean and light. Best of all, Covaris is able to update and maintain this content itself using the content management systems’ friendly web-based interface.