March, 2015

March 2015—Several web projects that began in the fourth quarter of last year came to fruition this month and last with the launch of new sites. One of these sites is Four Seasons Greenery, a Boston area supplier of office plants, decorative containers, flowers and related services. Fittingly for a site like this, we included one of the largest selections of photographs we’ve ever featured on a site, all organized into interactive photo galleries found on most inside pages. Here is one example: Weddings and Special Events.

Another big project for us was adding an e-commerce “storefront” to the McNulty and Associates website we launched last year. McNulty provides a unique service primarily for contractors and subcontractors bidding on major U.S. government contracts. Think of it as an important form of competitive research if you want to win a multi-million dollar deal. Over the last few years, the company has built up an inventory of over 400 of these reports, many of which can be repurposed by multiple clients. To help their customers save time and money on these ready-to-go reports, you can now buy them online using the store that Radar designed and built. It’s a nice new revenue stream for the company, and one we are told is growing very fast.

Not just anyone can buy from the new store, you have to qualify first. But you can see thelogin gateway here.