May, 2012

May 2012—It has been a long labor of love, but the Friends of the Public Garden went live this month. If you’ve been to Boston and visited the Commons, essentially Boston’s “Central Park,” then you probably walked through the Public Garden. The Friends is the non-for-profit group that oversees maintenance and upkeep of not only the Public Garden, but the Commons and the adjacent Mall area as well. (Think Swan Boats and “Make Way for Ducklings.”)

The Friends basically rescued these beautiful parks back in the 1970s when they were threatened by poor maintenance, overuse and crime. Now the three of them shine like jewels in the city. So you can see why we wanted to do a good job for them when developing their all-new site.

The redesign showcases each of the park’s beauty with photographs taken across all four seasons. Slideshows, videos and lots of informational downloads are provided to help visitors find their way around and to not miss the most important trees, flowers and statues. A small e-commerce section is also included for those wanting to purchase souvenirs.