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Nothing quite like advertising insists on great teamwork coming together—a strong sales offer, great copywriting and impeccable design. Radar understands these ingredients because we live this world every day.

Web and Print Advertising

So what works best: print or web advertising? Print advertising still has a strong pulse, and will likely will play a key part in any broad-based marketing campaign.

But for an increasing number of our clients, electronic advertising is often more practical. A well-managed Google pay-per-click program is often money very well spent. In many cases, creative copywriting combined with Flash animation can produce a powerful and effective targeted ad.

If you need quick turnaround on a quality web banner ad, or perhaps some design and development more substantial for your partner's extranet, you've come to the right place.


"Whether it's a case study, white paper, or a feature article, Radar consistently delivers quality content, on time and on target."

Julie Campagna,
Senior Media Producer