About Radar Media


The Company

Radar Media Group, Inc. is an integrated marketing services company in the greater Boston area primarily servicing business-to-business clients nationwide. Founded in 2001, Radar is dedicated to providing our customers in information technology, life sciences, financial services and other industries with creative, measurable and motivating marketing solutions. We are a team of experienced professionals with complementary skills in design, production and copywriting who work as one on every project.

Why Choose Us?

There are many agencies and individuals that help companies design websites and create sales and marketing materials. Inexpensive templates and do-it-yourself web building services are also available for you to choose.

What sets Radar Media Group apart from the norm is our ability to combine our most senior talent in design, content development and brand messaging to create for clients a unified brand awareness. Our goal with every project is to produce high quality materials that not only look great and read well, but also help readers understand the strengths of your products and services.

Providing readers with easy, logical access to your information is an important and related goal. Our website design process includes an analysis of your current site map and the creation of a new site map (or “Information Architecture”) that matches your offerings and is easy for readers to use.

We begin by educating ourselves on your company’s existing positioning; work with you to improve it; and then map out a series of deliverables that directly address your clients’ most significant pain points. When articulating your solutions, we do so in a way that is clear, concise and without the marketing hype that damages credibility.

Your Outsourced Marketing Solution

Radar’s customers consider us an important extension of their own marketing teams. They rely on us for help building their brand and for creating a wide range of web, electronic marketing and custom publishing materials. Our outsourced marketing services include website development, web landing pages, company magazines, white papers, special advertising sections and print and electronic sales collateral.

We use the latest web tools and technologies to create sites that are easy to use and maintain. Our sites often include blogs, user forums or similar features to engage customers and keep them coming back. Nearly all sites use content management systems (CMSs) and responsive design techniques to make them work well on devices of all types, and routine updates a quick job by anyone with Internet access and a browser.

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