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Is your website content optimized for the web? Are you happy with your ranking when you search on key words that relate directly to your products and services?

If your answer is no, then it's time your site content was analyzed and tuned for optimal search engine results on Google, Bing, Yahoo and other major search engines. The process is called search engine optimization, or SEO, and making sure your site is SEO-ready has become increasingly important. Most prospects these days find your company by doing a series of organic web searches. If your business isn't coming up consistently in the top results, the chances are good they'll never discover the solutions you offer.

So What's All Involved?

Most business people know they need to do something about SEO. But they hesitate to act for a number of reasons. It sounds complicated and they are nervous about the cost. They think they can do it themselves. Or, more commonly, there's just not enough time in the day to get it done.

Sound familiar? Here at Radar Media Group, we understand. If you've already got a good website and the content is up to date, the chances are good you don't need a complete web rewrite. If your search engine rankings are not what they should be, then you need a process to pull ahead of your competitors. This is where we can help, and well within your budget.

About Our SEO Process

Many companies make SEO sound complicated and charge a lot of money for their services over an extended period of time. At Radar Media Group, we have a clearly defined process that can optimize the most critical pages on your site in just two or three weeks. We begin by interviewing you or a business partner with a firm grasp of what your clients and prospects are looking for on the web. We take the time to research competitor sites, build a list of key words for your review, and then work to optimize each critical page with the right mix of words, page titles, subheads and metatags (the hidden content that only search engines can see.) We use the same SEO tools that nearly everyone else employs, but do so quickly and efficiently so that you can start seeing results.

How Much Does It Cost?

Basic SEO services can and should be affordable. At Radar Media Group, we will work as a small team with yours to get the job done well within your budget. We work on either an hourly or project basis, whatever makes the most sense for your company. If you, like many clients, have a relatively small number of product or service pages, we can optimize the content in just a few days. The risk is minimal and the payback is high. To discuss your company's SEO requirements, please contact us here or call us at (781) 721-1910 today.


"People are very impressed with how slick and professional our new site looks, and that it gives us a 'big company' look even though we're small."

Aaron Sherman,
Marketing Director