March, 2009

March 2009—It’s another busy month, but some of our news (including details about the most interesting of projects) we cannot release due to non-disclosure agreements. Suffice to say, our design team is being increasingly tapped by developers for its user interface design (UI) expertise. In these cases, we work with developers to understand their applications and review mock-ups. We then set to work designing the screens, buttons and navigation widgets that people will ultimately use on their PCs, mobile devices and Internet browsers.

Typically in these projects, our job is to deliver finished artwork, often in the form of polished Photoshop files, for incorporation into these applications. One custom application we are working on now will soon be released as a new feature for Facebook, the popular social media site.

Our core web design and content development business continues to represent the bulk of Radar’s work. And we are proud to say that two new Radar websites are now live. One is for NewRiver, Inc., a financial services company based in Andover, MA with a powerful electronic prospectus delivery service. The other live site is for Osage Partners, a Delaware venture capital company which discovered Radar through a recommendation from one its portfolio companies.

Finally this month, a growing number of Radar web clients are beginning to experiment with e-commerce. We provide clients with a number of options here, and always recommend the best fit for each customer. We are currently putting the finishing touches on a new shopping cart capability for Radar client Covaris, Inc., a fast-growing biotech/life science based in Woburn, MA. The e-commerce capability should be live by the end of this month.