July, 2012

July 2012—Just goes to show not all of our clients are biotech, high tech or financial services. In a bit of a departure for Radar, we just launched the new site for Blessid the Movie, an indie film  from local writer and producer Bob Heske. And guess what? We had a lot of fun designing the site and adding all the features you might expect from a cult classic in the making–including a built-in blog, live social media widgets and a way for fans to participate with donations. The site doesn’t give away too much by way of the plot, but it will certainly pique your interst as the days count down to filming this fall in our fair city, Boston.

By the way, Bob’s best known for writing comic-book style horror but this flick is a bit of an interesting departure. Check out the site and see the impressive array of actors and crew talent he’s already lined up.