March, 2014

March 2014—Early this month we launched a new site for Minding Your Mind, a Philadelphia-based organization dedicated to helping teens and young adults deal with stigma often associated with mental illness. Our goal was to create a bright and attractive site that would appeal to both young people as well as parents, teachers and other adults who want to learn more about helping them. A key part of what MYM does is its educational speaker program, which we wanted to feature prominently on MYM’s homepage.

The new site uses a slideshow rotator to showcase each of MYM’s twenty-something speakers in an informal coffee shop photo. Click through on the photos brings you to a full speaker biography page where an even larger photo is featured. From here, visitors can click on links to book a speaker at their school, check out the latesst news, and find out about upcoming events.

Here at Radar, we appreciate and endorse the good work that Minding Your Mind is doing, and hope to see similar programs implemented elsewhere in the U.S. and beyond.