5 Reasons to Invest in a Professional Copywriter to Build your Brand and your Business

When I mention branding, you likely think of a logo, a color scheme, a general ‘look and feel’ for printed and online materials. Creating these designs often requires a specialist who is trained not only in branding techniques, but in visual design and the software available to implement these ideas. Writing, on the other hand, doesn’t always get such special treatment. Why? Because many businesses view writing as something that everyone can do, so why pay someone else to do it?

While it is true that everyone can write, this doesn’t mean that everyone should. This may sound a bit harsh, but let’s look at some reasons why it’s a good idea to entrust a professional copywriter with your printed and web collateral:

  1. Allow executives and management to focus their attention on the areas for which they are most qualified. It can be tempting to want to do everything yourself, but if you are a CEO or other high level executive, you need to be able to dedicate your attention to what you do best – strategic planning, management, and keeping the company running smoothly. Entrusting the responsibility of conveying your company vision through writing to a trained professional gives you that much less to think about and that much more room to dedicate yourself to what’s most important in your position.
  2. Clarify your company vision. When we build something from scratch, we feel a great sense of accomplishment and are very emotionally connected to our work, whether it’s creating a piece of artwork or boostrapping a startup technology firm. Often times, being so connected emotionally can actually clog the communication lines between you and your potential customers. Hiring a professional writer brings a fresh pair of eyes to your message, with the knowledge of how to get your message across in a clear, concise way.
  1. Find your company ‘voice’. If you go to a prestigious law firm’s website, you don’t expect to be greeted with a writing style that you would find in a consumer women’s magazine. There is very good reason for this, because a writer has studied the company’s target audience and created copy that will most appeal to readers. Having an appropriate ‘voice’ to your writing is a key component of your brand. If you have highly technical writing on one page of your website and conversational, casual writing on another, it creates inconsistency with the image you are trying to portray to your customers.
  1. Increase your sales potential. Just as you need images and design elements to strengthen a website or brochure, you need the text to balance them. A professional writer will know what parts of your brand to accentuate, and how to incite readers to perform a call to action, thereby strengthening your business’ reputation and putting money in your pocket. A simple sales letter or optimized landing page could mean exponential profits.
  1. Reach out to your target audience directly. A writer’s work doesn’t stop at the last sentence on a webpage or brochure. Writers are trained in conveying your ideas clearly in a voice which reflects the brand of your company. You can also employ a writer to reach out to your customers beyond a sales letter or landing page through social media and other outreach programs. Create online discussions in forums or network with bloggers through comments and emails. Depending on the writer you hire, his or her skills may encompass important business benefits like search engine optimization, social media outreach and marketing.

For every business writing need, there is a highly qualified writer out there ready to help you achieve success. So the next time you find yourself saying, “I’ll just do it!”, (unless you, yourself are a copywriter!) remember these five benefits to your business and consider reaching out to a professional.