October, 2008

October 2008—Radar launched its new website this month. Under development since July of this year, the site represents a big team effort by everyone on the staff working in between client projects (which always come first) and tight deadlines.

Top priorities for the site were, first and foremost, to create an easy to read, easy to navigate foundation allowing for easy browsing of our work. We figured the best way to do so would be to allow readers to see samples based on the two views that resonate best with most people: By Client and by Project Type.

Second, we wanted to provide customers, prospects and the general public with a forum where they could more easily provide feedback and to generally sound off. That’s the purpose behind the Radar Resources blog. We hope to see the blog evolve over time into a useful “best practices” marketing tool.

Third, our goal was to provide clients with a secure and interactive extranet for viewing their custom work and to provide us feedback.

How are we doing? Feel free to join in the blog discussions!