Helping to Achieve a More Sustainable Client

Radar Media has always been about providing outsourced marketing services to busy executives who don’t have the time or wherewithal to create top quality sales and marketing materials on their own. That said, we’ve learned from our years of experience that our most effective clients are those that choose not to outsource their entire marketing effort — but work with us on providing quality tools that enable them to update their marketing materials on their own.

Think of it as Radar helping to create a more sustainable client.

When Radar was starting out 11 years ago, “marketing sustainability” was harder to achieve than it is now. A company’s website was obviously a high priority then, but the technology available at the time didn’t make it easy for you to update a site on your own.

Today it’s a different story. With nearly all Radar websites today powered by a content management system (CMS), clients have the tools to publish their own content without outside help. With greater control over their messaging, many customers today more frequently update their sites with press releases, news stories and blogs. This keeps their sites fresher and their marketing message current. Social media updates are easier to update, too, which in turn drives more traffic back to the website.

Other tools are available for our most sustainable clients. For example, affordable desktop publishing tools, like Microsoft Publisher and even PowerPoint, are far more capable and easy to use than they once were. That’s a good thing, because the need to frequently update data sheets, create more case studies and white papers is greater today than ever. For many of our clients we design custom marketing templates that allow them to generate frequent updates on their own. Creating a PDF for their website posting becomes fast, easy and affordable.

Finally Radar Media itself enters the new year in a highly sustainable way. We now generate nearly 60 percent of the power we use for lights, computers and other appliances with renewable solar electricity from panels installed on our building’s roof. And if you host your website through us, you’ll be pleased to know that much of the energy that runs your server comes from sustainable wind power down in Texas.

All for now…’til next time.