May, 2014

May 2014—Several new sites are currently under construction here at Radar, so we can’t disclose just yet what we are preparing to launch. That said, we did complete a number of interesting assignments for existing customers late last month, including a design and content overhaul of the Team pages for long-time client Osage Partners.

There are two Team pages on the site, each housing the photos and biographies of the Osage partners serving under the two investment divisions of this venture capital firm: Osage Venture Partners and Osage University Partners.

The landing page for both Team sections feature names, titles and thumbnail photos of each of the partners. If you want additional background information you can click on a thumbnail and go to the full photo page with more biographical info. And if that’s still not enough, you can go to a full bio narrative, like this one.

Osage believes, and rightfully so, that partners are by far the company’s greatest asset. So the money invested in professionally photographing the team in their everyday office environment was money well spent.